Shopska nosiya

The beautiful shopska nosiya- both for work and for a holiday, is light and comfortable, which allows the dance of the shop to be even more agile, fast, and whirlwind.

Typical for Shopluk is the men's white-haired costume (in Graovo and Znepole), which has a proven Slavic origin. In the Sofia region, a transitional form between white and black men's clothing has remained for a long time. In some areas, there is a men's black costumes - Kyustendil, Samokov, and Ihtimasko.

In a large part of Shopluk (Sofia, Samokov, and Ihtiman) the women's costume is sukmane. Women's clothing very clearly expresses the position of women in the family - girl, fiancée, bride, mother, and others. The difference is visible in the different parts of the costume, the shapes of the individual clothes, the way they are worn, the ornaments, and especially the hairstyle and the way they are veiled.

Men's costumes, unlike women's, do not so eloquently reveal the age and position of the shop. The difference in the costumes of older and younger men is mainly expressed in the decoration of the clothes, the color of the belt and the presence of additional elements, and the way of wearing.