Rhodope nosiya

The women's Rhodope folk costume has a dose of difference between the Christian and the Muslim population. The Christian woman wears a dark cloth dress, dark woolen, red belt, outer garment, and the typical, well-known, apron of orange, yellow, and red squares. The headscarf is burgundy red, wears beautiful strings of pendars, and dances with woolen patterned socks and shoes. The Mohammedan wears a white costume embroidered shirt, embroidered satin (satin) garment, a patterned belt with buckles, and again an apron of squares and colorful triangular cloth. On his head, he wears a small hat (fesche) with a string of wigs covered with testemel (a long white cloth). The satin garment can be replaced by trousers and a top vest.

The men's Rhodope folk costume is of the black clothing type. The Christian dresses in a white shirt, a vest with black braids at the edges, and an outer garment on top. He put on a red shoe belt or white threads around the legs, fastened with black cords. He wears a scarf wrapped around his neck, transferred over the shoulder, and a cap, also called a hood. The Mohammedan wears the same costume. Instead of threads, he wears colorful socks and wears a fez or turban on his head.