Rhodope dances

Rhodope dances are slow and moderate with little variety of movements and relative simplicity. They are most often played on a song, and it is characteristic here that men also sing.
People play in a semicircle or circle and are usually only male or only female. There are also separated-mixed people, but in them, the men and the women do not line up next to each other man-woman, and at the beginning of the dance only the men are caught, and after them - the women.
Men are most often caught by the palms, which is very typical of the Rhodopes. In other areas, this grip is very rare. Men play with wide steps, squat, and kneel slowly and clumsily.
Women hold hands. It is characteristic of women's dances that one steps exclusively on the whole foot. There are also jumps in the movements, but they are very low and restrained. The women are always in a tight chain, in a circle, close to each other, without diluting during the game.
Interesting for the Rhodopes are also the special people and humorous games, coming from the imitation of animals - rabbit, bear, and other similar games.