Orphic mysteries

The Orphic Mysteries are a two-day holiday, as part of the official holiday of Trigrad. They are held every year on the last Saturday and Sunday of July. The festivities begin in Trigrad, where with a lot of music, songs and dances, guests are transported to the Devil's Throat Cave, which recreates the wedding between Orpheus and Eurydice, her snake bite, and the descent of Orpheus to the Underworld to seek and brought out his beloved. In recent years, a fire show has been presented in the cave itself. The idea is to take visitors back 3,000 thousand years, when the drama in the love of Orpheus and Eurydice is believed to have taken place. The mythical singer is considered the founder of the Orphic mysteries, especially relevant during the Hellenistic era.
And whether you visit the Orphic Mysteries at the end of July, the distance from Hotel Extreme, Pamporovo to the Devil's Throat is short - about 50 km, do not miss the opportunity to dive into the depths of this fabulous cave, whenever you have a way to this part of The Rhodopes.