Arch of San Lorenzo, a mythical place in Jaén

What is so interesting about an arch? I'll just suggest that there is a legend of unbelievable, even mysterious events associated with this arch. And as you may already know, Jaén is a city of mysteries...🙀

Arch of San Lorenzo

📌 The Arch of San Lorenzo is part of the extinct Church of San Lorenzo, built between the 13th and 14th centuries. The arch is located in the old city center length, line-spacing (leading), letter-spacing (tracking), and adjusting the space within letters pairs (kerning).

Reconstruction of the church of Arco de San Lorenzo
Photo Credit: RedJaen

If you are a tourist you will probably first think that this is the gate of the city wall or remains of the city wall. But when you focus on the history, you discover that it was probably originally part of the first walled enclosure of the city of Jaén, but that it was later re-used to build the Church of San Lorenzo.

📌 In 1825 the church collapsed due to neglect of the building and only the arch, which crosses the street, remained. The Arch of San Lorenzo is one of the jewels of the city's heritage, but at the same time, it is largely unknown.

💬👻 A legend says that the cadaver of Fernando IV el Emplazado, who died tragically in Jaén on 7 September 1312, was veiled there. Ferdinand IV of Castile died on 7 September 1312 in the city of Jaén, without anyone seeing him die. After his death, the king received the nickname "the Summoned", because of the mysterious circumstances in which his death happened.

📌 Inside the arch is a chapel that is covered with a brick vault with a plasterwork pendant right in the center. The wall of the enclosure is covered with a Mudejar tiled plinth of great artistic value, and on the upper floor, there is a large hall with a pointed brick dome, where a plasterwork arch and several noble coats of arms can also be seen.

📷 An amazing photos from inside the arch you can see on Lugares míticos de Jaén.

The arch